HEY KIDS im doing a GIVEAWAY but not like those giveaways where you reblog something and hope that you are the winner. this is literally a give away where i GIVE STUFF AWAY for free

ive been steadily reclaiming/getting rid of all the stuff i’ve been keeping in my parents’ attic, but there’s a few straggler items i would like to see go to good homes. and herE THEY ARE. if you are INTERESTED in one or more of these FINE COLLECTABLES, simply SEND ME AN ASK with your mailing address and i will MAIL IT TO YOU. first come, first served! i will pay s&h!

these items will be available until sept 2nd which is when i return to boston

item list:

  1. issue of ARTNEWS with special on women comic book artists
  2. how-to-draw book detailing various mythological beasts
  3. first volume of Simone de Beauvoir’s autobiography
  4. Paranorman movie novelization. cute illustrations!!!
  5. A:tLA exclusive s3 preview issue
  6. Dragons: A Natural History. beautiful + informative book
  7. BATMAN: The Long Halloween
  8. graphic novelization of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. not in the best condition but entirely readable and gorgeous
  9. much-loved copy of James and the Giant Peach
  10. even more loved copy of the Wizard of Oz
  11. tragically dented Wonder Woman metal lunchbox
  12. cool cigar case (no cigars)
  13. small ceramic unicorn, missing 1 leg
  14. dinosaur pin
  15. collectable dinosaur coin ft. stegosaurus
  16. assorted band pins (amanda palmer, oasis, ramones, some other band i dont know - these come as a set)
  17. bead crocodile
  18. novelty mint tins (no mints)
  19. silver choker with small hearts